At international level, Colombia is considered an emerging country, but this sama situation makes it a tourist and business attraction for foeigners due to the value of dollar and euro against local currency (Colombian peso). It has Access to Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, a huge variety of foods and good comsuption habits of its inhabitants, prosperous cities suchs as Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla and the gourgeus and touristic Cartagena, in addition to its spectacular islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. For these and many more reasons, our company offers the great opportunity to be the bridge for your brand to enter Colombia and diversify its expansión in the global marjket, which is increasingly demanding and competitive.

•Market study

Through our group of professionals, we carry out a market study by analyzing the viability of your brand in Colombia.

• Company legal contitution

Legal advice and consultancy for the constitution and activation of your company to the national tax office (DIAN) and the circle of merchants in the city where you decide to operate, processing of health permits if your brand is a mass consumer product.

• Office and outlets

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of the local market, we will indicate the strategic locations where your offices and outlets must work.

• Office conditioning

Being as your brand has a corporate identity, on this basis we will carry out the architectural improvements and interior decorations of the comercial premises and/or outlets of your brand.

• Brand launch

Considering the market study that will give us the different measurement tools as EGM, Ibope, ECAR, among others, we will develop a comprehensive communication using differents channels through the strategic marketing, helping your Brand to sell its best versión by dissemination, creativity and innovation.
So that planning, negotiation, execution and advertising space monitoring in different media be effective, A competition analysis, conceptualization of media plans, strategic investment advice and ATL media monitoring will be carried out.
Advertising strategies are:
• BTL: cIt will have marketing strategies outside the conventional.
• Audiovisual production: production, making and editing videos.
• Digital enviroments: Design, administration, guidelines and monitoring of digital environments.
• Market research: We analyze objectively and systematically
• Thus we start positioning your brand in the market.

• Accompaniment

Our company will be your guide in all administrative, corporate and production processes, so that the rapid return on investment and the permanent success of your brand in Colombia are guaranteed.