The Future of Digital Printing in the Publishing Sector by Printproject

The digital age has brought unfavourable speculations about the printing industry, especially in terms of paper decline. It is thought that in the coming years, formats such as books, newspapers or magazines will be replaced by digital files.

However, printers still provide a wide variety of solutions, especially those with inkjet technology, because they provide shorter digitally printed lengths, which minimize inventory and help publishers to reach their goals of managing production at a more profitable cost, without sacrificing quality.


The print on demand allows work under purchase order independently of the quantity of product, which brings high editorial advantages to the printing presses, by allowing freedom of stock at not maintaining new titles without certainty of sale, to only work under POD (Print on Demand) modality.

According to a study conducted by Xerox and presented during the 2017 Hunkeler Innovation Days in Lucerna, the Pearson publishing house (specialized in educational books) reported savings, thanks to the low level of logistics and inventory, in addition to commenting that it standardized its POD printing to two paper types and not very specialized details.

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